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Our history

We are a team of 20 specialists, working from different parts of the world. Most of us are lawyers.

We specialize in the programs of the investment countries, help our clients to apply for a residence permit, permanent residences, and citizenship.

We issued the first residence permit of the EU in 2009.

We deeply study the European legislation.

We find solutions to the difficult issues — a service that you will never see in other companies.

Our offices are located in Portugal, Greece, and Spain.

Cooperating with us you:

  • no need to worry about collecting the documents because we do that job for you;
  • you get citizenship without residency requirement;
  • you are a tax-free resident of the countries residence permit and citizenship of which you get;
  • invest in the liquid real estate with guaranteed profitability;
  • you can enter Europe despite pandemics and lockdown.

Certificates of our company


About company

On the 16th of November, 2009, we started our business as a migration and visa agency.

In June 2011 the name was changed to the “Emigration center GARANT’.

Our significant dates


The first residence permit in Europe — December 2009


In 2011 we established a strict recruitment system. Our first interviews in the popular media appeared.


We issued first citizenship of EU


In 2009-2014 our visa center “Garant” provided an active job as well as our migration-visa center


We issued our first Caribbean passport.

Since 2014 we have been concentrating on the European programs “Golden visa” and citizenship by investment.


First Spanish “Golden visa”


We started to issue “golden” residence permit of Greece and Portugal;


First residence permit of France was issued at the same time.

Our lawyers took part in the development of  the “golden” investment program in Portugal.

We have extended the network of our offices. The main office is open in Portugal, Greece, and Spain.

Over the past 5 years we have helped to arrange




residence permits


permanent residences

for the citizens of the former USSR countries.


Personally from Andrew Boiko

Obtaining a residence permit with our help, you have two goals: one is the goal you told us about but the second one is your personal secret that you do not reveal to anybody else.

You are a successful person. Perhaps you construct buildings, host people in the restaurants or create IT-solutions.

The well-being of many, many families depends on you.

Our position is simple — we will help you to achieve your goal. You will expand your personal freedom and will gain even more for yourself, your children, your clients, employees, partners.

Cooperating with us you will get your residence permit and citizenship, you will open all the borders and will improve the lives of many people — directly for thousands of people and indirectly for millions. In the end, everyone will win — you, us, and the whole world.

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